Video Dating Twirl

Video dating ideas: 4 ways to genuinely connect when video dating:

Video Dating:
Whether you’re in the early stages of dating someone new or separated from a long-term
partner, a video call is an amazing way to connect and get that serotonin pumping. While it can
be comfortable and easy to rely on messaging when you’re apart, there’s quite nothing like
talking face-to-face to help build a deeper connection; particularly if you’re doing something
meaningful together. Video calls make communication clearer, they are the next best thing to a
real date and give you an excuse to dress up! Here are a couple of virtual date suggestions that
go beyond Netflix Party’s and quiz nights.

Cook together:
So many of our memories are formed around food, so why not sit down together a few days
before the date and create a menu that combines your favorite meals? This is a great
opportunity to talk about the meals that have shaped who you are, discuss your favorite
restaurants and delve into each other’s travels and childhood stories around food. If you’re not a
world-class chef, giggling your way through an evening is just as fun – just make sure you have a
takeout menu to hand!

Get arty:
Flexing your creativity is not only really good for your overall health, but simply being silly helps
you let your guard down and connect with others. From drawing to photography, choose a
tutorial on a platform like YouTube or Skill-share to guide your creative virtual date. Crafting is
the perfect video date; you can share your designs, have a laugh and get a feel for your dates’

Explore your personalities:
The famous questions that lead to love might be a bit heavy if you’ve only just begun video
dating, so why not try out a personality quiz? And no, we don’t mean a
what-type-of-bread-are-you kind of quiz, but one that allows you to bond on a deeper level with
each other, and yourself. Try a Myers-Brigg-style test to find out more about your personality
type; chatting through each question and revealing your answers along the way, or spilling your
results at the end. Alternatively, The Proust Questionnaire’s 36 questions will give a real insight
into both your personality and values.

Looking at the same stars in the night sky is a beautiful way to feel closer to someone far away.
Download a stargazing app or sky map and choose a clear night for the ultimate, intimate virtual
date! The skies are darkest before a full moon and moonless nights are even better for admiring
the stars and Milky Way. Go the extra mile and brush up on your astronomy to impress your
date, or astrology to discuss your horoscopes together. Make sure you both have some warm
outdoor lighting to help create that romantic atmosphere and, of course, allow you to see each
Just because you’re physically distant, you don’t have to make a compromise on intimacy.